Where the F@#% Have You Been?

Where the Fuck Have You Been?

I haven’t been playing much Magic at all recently. This is not a reflection on my opinion of the post-Gush metagame. I absolutely do like the decks that I’m seeing people play, so I’m happy with the way the format is right now. Merfolk made top eight of the last two Vintage challenges for God’s sake! There was an Oath deck and a Stoneblade deck in one too! Sure, “Mentor, Outcome, and Shops” are still at the top of the heap, but there sure seems to be a lot more room at the top then there was before. That’s a wonderful thing in my opinion.
The reason I’m not around as much is that I have become incredibly busy compared to how I was before. I love my new job at Northwest Medical Center, but it takes a lot out of me at the same time. Generally m shifts are from 10:30 AM to 7:00 PM and they happen five, six, or seven days in a row. I’m usually working every weekend now too. When I’m not done work until seven at night that means I have about an hour or two with my son before I collapse for the night. The next day I’ll get an hour or two in the morning before work/school/daycare, but it seems to pass very quickly. It’s a good thing that I’m getting paid more and that I love the job because it would be tough otherwise.
Between work and parenting the time I have to spend on Vintage is pretty small (much smaller than I’d like). As my son gets older he needs me more and more. I’m constantly worried about how he’s doing in kindergarten, and now that he’s going into first grade things are even harder. I worry that I’m not teaching him enough at home, or spending enough quality time with him.
I’m also unable to brew any decks lately because I don’t have the money to get cards. Technically I could get stuff, but right now it wouldn’t be responsible to do so. The concept of extra money is different when you have a kid; any  “extra” money that’s not for an immediate bill should be added to savings instead of buying more pixels for MTGO. You never know what surprise expenses will pop up when you have a six year old!
The few times that I have been playing I find myself getting very frustrated. That’s probably due in no small part to my decks being sub-optimal, and the rustiness of my playing these days. Still it is tough to sit there and feel miserable while playing a game that’s supposed to be fun. Luckily for me I’ve become somewhat adept at changing my outlook on such things, so with some effort and determination I can fix my attitude.
Anyway that’s where I’m at these days. People have wondered why I’ve missed publishing an article on a couple weeks, or why I’m not posting as much or playing as much. Well, here you go. Hopefully I’ll get some time to have a little Vintage fun soon, but until then I’ll be concentrating on work. Take care.
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