My favorite E-Liquids

The Truth and Nothing Less

I read a lot about vaping and I’ve seen a ton of vape videos. Each time there’s some dude bragging about how awesome something is, and much of the time they’re full of shit. I know that because I’ve seen good reviews on things that I have tried; things that turned out awful at times. I’ve also seen people rag on things that in actuality weren’t quite that bad… but whatever. The point is that in some of these cases the individual reviewer is talking nicely about something and acting like a spokesperson and not a real reviewer. I promise that I will never do that. I’m not a sell out (unless you have a legit briefcase full of cash).

My favorite Juice

I’ve been vaping on Candyland Liquids Roo Dip lately. It’s pretty fucking sweet. I mean, it’s literally and figuratively sweet. It tastes like some kind of vanilla dessert flavor and it’s pretty amazing. I highly recommend it if you’re into that sort of thing.

Image result for candyland roo dip

I have not tried the other flavors, but I wouldn’t be afraid to give them a shot. This one had a pleasant flavor that was strong enough to give me confidence in the entire line.

Before this latest bottle I had been vaping on “Belgian Brothel” by Bad Ass vape juice. It tasted fine, but I wouldn’t buy it again. It wasn’t very pronounced, just a very mild flavor and I didn’t care for it. I guess I thought it would have a stronger flavor and it didn’t. I could imagine some folks liking it, and I liked it enough to finish the bottle, but that was about it.

Worst Vape Flavor Ever…

This award goes to Unbroken “Rain” vape juice. I don’t know what the hell I was expecting from it, but it tasted like menthol-fruit-and-tears. I got this stuff from the Mistic website because it was marked down to dirt cheap, and I’m sure that’s because they all know how wretched the taste of that line is.

Image result for unbroken rain ejuice

When I get a vape juice I finish the bottle. If I liked it I’ll get it again. That’s my real seal of approval. This “Rain” by Unbroken was the worst thing I’ve ever had, and it was one of only TWO vape juice bottles I’ve ever NOT finished. As a matter of fact, I’ve still got the bottle. If you want it, just pay the postage and I’ll mail it to you. I could even pack it with an autographed piece of my Donald Trump toilet paper if you want, it’s like a certificate of authenticity (authentically wretched).


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