Being a Quitter

I have been hesitant to mention this fact online due to the stigma attached, but for years I was a cigarette smoker. It was never something I was proud of, and my various attempts to quit did not pan out. I’ve never wanted to be associated with smoking so I just kept those details private.

A few months ago I finally decided to try quitting smoking by switching to personal vaporizing devices (electronic cigarettes). I had some experience with gas station “cig-a-likes” (the products that are made by big tobacco and bear a striking resemblance to a real cigarette), but those things never quite did the trick.

I noticed that all the people I knew who had quit smoking with vaporizers had done so with “box mods” and other similar products, so I gave it a shot. I made up my mind that I was going to quit and I’d use these eCig mods every time I had the urge to smoke. After nearly two decades of poisoning myself via tobacco combustion I finally had something that worked!

Image result for smok vape pen 22

My first vaping device, Smok Vape Pen 22 (Highly recommended)

It’s now been around three months and I feel much better. Without smoking I have begun to get healthier (as evidenced by a recent physician visit) and I’m happier too. The bad smells from tobacco are gone from my life, and the smell of cigarette smoke now makes me feel physically ill. I’ve even drastically lowered the amount of nicotine I’m putting in my body! It turns out that lower nicotine e-liquid tastes better, so I have gone down to between 3-6 MG nicotine per ml on average.

Image result for haus sub ohm mod kit

I wouldn’t ever recommend that someone start smoking, and I wouldn’t harp on anyone who smokes and hasn’t tried to quit, but I would suggest vaping to anyone who wants to get away from analog tobacco cigarettes. My only regret in this matter is that I didn’t try sooner.


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