Stranded on the periphery of greatness… Making acquaintances and slipping through the cracks…

Staring at a blank page I disappear into my wide-eyed gaze.

A steady diet of cerebral junk food dulls the senses. For all of the bountiful promises of technology, the schism between individuals only grows more pronounced. We are analog creatures stuffing our souls into digital boxes, all the while increasing the severity of our myopia.

Welcome to the future.

[  i don’t usually write anything that’s not nerd-related, but sometimes I feel like I want to branch out. If this isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry, there will be more Magic/Vintage/MTGO stuff soon. You can help support more of my personal content here:  — My patreon page is not very popular though. I plan on leaving all the donations in there to be used for my next paper Vintage event, hopefully Vintage Champs 2017. Thanks ]  



  1. Paul Leicht · January 1

    The gamer nerd in you just met the poet nerd in you and alchemy ensued! Well done 😀


    • joefiorini · January 1

      Thank you very much. Before I started spending the vast majority of my leisure time playing/writing about Magic I used to play Guitar every day. Back then I wrote a lot of songs and lyrics. Lately I’ve been thinking about trying to get a nice Electric Guitar and get back to my musical creativity.


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